Addison Kloch

Player Bio


Addison discovered Sacks Parente Ultra Low Balance Point Technology through her golf coach and came into SPG for a fitting with Aki Yorihiro. After putting with a number of SPG putting instruments the Series 54MH 3 Stripe mallet became her gamer.



Born in Cleveland Ohio, now living in Southern California, she started playing golf at the age of 8. Addison is competing in Southern California Jr. Golf amateur events, the US Kids Golf program and junior events in her local community.

Addison loves to tell golfers how her Sacks Parente putting instrument changed her game and made her a better golfer. She loves the feel of the putter and the way the patented ULBP controls the stroke.

On the Course

Sacks Parente Golf Series 54MH - midsize mallet putter - 3 stripe - back view

54MH 3 Stripe

Weight: 374 grams
Loft: 3 degrees
Lie: 70 degrees
MOI Rating: 6167

(Moment of Inertia)