Independently proven to make more putts.

Our patented physics create THE ONLY blade putters in golf that naturally improve your stroke and tighten your putt dispersion.  All Sacks Parente putting instruments are engineered to deliver the right MOI – unmatched stability – to naturally optimize your stroke and give you the best ball roll in golf.

Watch the film

Watch the film

Blade Putters.

Series 91

 Toe Hang Flanged Blade

From:  $349.99
Weight: 375 grams
Loft: 3 degrees
Lie: 70 degrees
MOI Rating: 4758*

(Moment of Inertia)

Ultra-Low Balance Point

Why Blades.

Stroke Improvement

Our patented physics create THE ONLY putters in golf that naturally improve your stroke and tighten your putt dispersion.

When it comes to putting the stroke is everything. It determines the speed of the ball roll and that is your distance control.  It determines the path. If you hit off center, to the toe or heel, you push or pull the ball, missing putts you should make, or worse… 3 putting.

When too much of your putter’s weight is in the shaft and/or the grip, you lose feel at the head and you can’t control what you can’t feel.

Ask yourself why so many golfers add lead tape to the bottom of their putter?  They are trying to feel the putter head so they can control it. But adding more and more weight to the head isn’t the answer. Science based design, and physics, prove placement of any weight in the wrong place always creates side effects, causing you to be sporadic at best.

Watch the film

Watch the film

ULBP Reduces Dispersion

The stroke determines so much in putting. Without a good stroke you may never improve your score. Without a consistently good stroke you can make putts one day and miss the same putts on the next round.

With Ultra Low Balance Point your hands are no longer forced to manipulate the putter head to keep it on line. The physics, gravity itself, work with you to return the putter to the starting point, it actually will square itself before impact…if you let it.

With ULBP within a couple rounds, your stroke gains consistency and you will see great improvements in your distance control. This eliminates 3 putts.

All Sacks Parente putting instruments are engineered to deliver the right MOI, from the right location, to naturally optimize your stroke and give you the best ball roll in golf.

Many who putt with our instruments call them “The holy grail of putting!“ because you can actually feel the head as it travels through the arc or the pendulum. You can feel it squaring the head as it falls through the ball.

With ULBP your feel of everything is improved. You can tell the difference in the ball you are putting with. After a short time, many people can name the ball brand, when it impacts the putter face, even while blindfolded.


Watch the film

Watch the film

SPG Carbon Fiber Shafts and Grips

SPG CFS – Player’s Carbon Fiber Shaft

Played on multiple professional tours the CFS Players’ shaft weighs approximately 44 grams at 35ʺ, while steel counterparts, for the same length, generally start at 120+ grams.

The Player’s shaft is engineered to religiously control shaft diameter and wall thickness to deliver the right torque and flex, within our overall weight requirements.

The Player’s shaft uses PAN-based, aerospace grade, carbon fiber prepreg, with a low resin content, creating higher strength to weight ratios.

Ultra Light ULBP Grips


Considered, by the USGA, to be the “traditional” shape of a putter grip, this is one of golf’s most popular styles.

The ULBP – Pistol Grip is characterized by an oval, upper cross-section, where this upper area increases as the hands move to the butt-end of the putter. It is further accentuated as the axis of the grip tilts toward you.

The ULBP – Pistol Grip delivers unmatched feel, texture and grip consistency. It is our lightest weight grip.

If you are a traditionalist, the Pistol Grip is for you.

Flat Head

The ULBP – Flat Head is our most popular design. This grip promotes a smooth, more consistent stroke.

The ULBP – Flat Head is engineered for accurate placement of your hands and directly corresponds to a proper putter face position. It will help your putting accuracy by assisting your alignment.

This grip is a fuller feeling grip, without being so large it is cumbersome, causing you to over control or get “handsy”.

It is a favorite choice for even the most discerning of golfers.

Tapered Round

The ULBP –  Tapered Round is our X factor grip.

It is tapered, inversely, so it is slightly smaller at the top, and flared to a wider diameter at the bottom. The slight inversion creates a comfortable, firm, more subtile grip, that helps to eliminate over-control, and the dreaded death grip.

The ULBP – Tapered Round Grip delivers a definitively comfortable hand feel for all players who prefer round grip styles.

It is the heaviest of our ultra light grips yet weighs 1/3 of most grips on the market.

Lightweight, Pistol Putter Grips - Measurements - 2
Lightweight Flat Top Putter Grips - with measurements
Lightweight, Round Putter Grips - Measurements

We back our performance.

Take it out and give our putting instrument a workout. After a round or two, you will notice a change in your putting stroke. If, on that rare chance, we don’t live up to your performance expectations, we have you covered.