Five Reasons Why a Sacks Parente Premium Putter is Worth Every Penny

Five Reasons Why a Sacks Parente Premium Putter is Worth Every Penny

It’s no secret that, when it comes to golf gear purchases, drivers and irons take the lion’s share of money from players’ pockets. A recent study from showed that the majority of golfers typically spend between $500-$1,000 annually on golf equipment. The same study further revealed that, “When it comes to golf equipment, golf balls are the things most often purchased, while big splurges are spent on things like drivers or irons.”

Yet, here we are at Sacks Parente with the audacity to put a premium price tag on our premium putters. We’ve had many golfers who haven’t tried our putters ask us if our products are worth it. Our response is always a resounding “Yes — absolutely worth every last penny.” Not because we say so, but because our technology and results speak for themselves. Here are five reasons why a premium Sacks Parente putter is a great investment for your game.

1. Importance

There’s no other way to say it — your putter is the single most important scoring club in your bag. In fact, putting is where golfers spend 40 percent of their game. Sure, hitting for distance with a driver or long iron is impressive. However, more often than not, your putter is what will get your ball into the hole. It’s the one club you’ll rely on to protect your lead with a birdie or a par. It’s the tool you’ll use to make the putts that help you lower your handicap. Put simply, it’s the one piece of gear you’ll need to win more matches — that alone makes it worth investing in a premium putter that can give your game a competitive edge.

2. Technology

Did someone say competitive edge? We’ve got that covered. For decades, putters all looked similar, producing similar results, hence the similar price points. However, the science of building the perfect putter has changed significantly over the last few years — and not to brag, but the team at Sacks Parente has been leading the charge. We have proudly developed several innovative technologies for Sacks Parente Putters. We were the first with Vernier Acuity putting alignment, patented weight forward Head designs, and patented Quad Weighted heads (patented), and extreme heel/toe tungsten weighting. But our Ultra Low Balance Technology has quite literally proven to be our biggest game changer.

Ultra Low Balance Point (ULBP) innovation significantly impacts the feel and performance of all our putting instruments. Our unique design eliminates approximately 125-140 grams of useless weight from the shaft and grip. It moves 83% of the weight into the head allowing the putter to swing easily and freely. The weight decrease achieved by ULBP technology lowers the risk of pulling the putter head offline. It also allows the toe to close and enables the putter to square itself automatically, allowing players to make more putts. Our ULBP technology is so unique, innovative, and difficult to achieve that the U.S. Patent Office granted us patent number US8608586B2.


We couldn’t apply the technology we do without using top quality materials. Physics drives the materials. Sacks Parente is the only putter manufacturer using 100% carbon fiber shafts in all our putters vs. the steel or carbon/steel used by our competitors, which directly impacts the feel and performance of all Sacks Parente putters.


At the end of the day, technology and quality materials don’t matter if a premium putter doesn’t make a noticeable impact on your game. Quality of materials and how we achieve ULBP is how you get better results. But ULBP isn’t the only technology in a Sacks Parente putter. All Sacks Parente putters feature extremely high Moment of Inertia (MOI). Almost every manufacturer touts their MOI and quite honestly most of them are lying to you. Many of their designs had high MOI 25 years ago, but Sacks Parente has taken the head shapes you’re familiar with and completely redesigned them to not only maximize MOI, we’ve taken the technology to an entirely new level. We have redefined how and where to add and subtract weight to the putter head. Additionally, we have committed to the use of very heavy tungsten (19-20 grams per cc) and patented the use of extremely light magnesium (1.74 grams per cc). We also pioneered and were the first putter company to adopt front weighting. Front weighting combined with ULBP substantially reduces the amount of skid and bounce when you strike a putt. Any tour professional will tell you that skid and bounce will cause you to miss putts. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t make this stuff up. What we do is take it very seriously and back up what we say!


Most importantly, at Sacks Parente, we always put our money where our mouth is. We know that purchasing a premium club, especially a premium putter, can feel like a risky investment. Every golfer has that expensive club they were certain they were going to love, sitting in the bag, unused and collecting dust, or underperforming.

Sacks Parente putters are performers. They are not designed to be relegated to the putter bin in the garage. We’re so confident that our putters will positively impact your game that we offer a no-risk performance guarantee on every putter we sell. If you don’t make more putts and you’re not completely satisfied with your putter, return it within 30 days for a full refund.

You’ll get to see the benefit of a Sacks Parente putting instrument for yourself with absolutely no risk, making it the perfect premium putter investment.

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