ULBP Putters: Great Putting Starts With Great Putting Technology

ULBP Putters: Great Putting Starts With Great Putting Technology

 If you’re like most golfers, chances are you’re always trying to improve your game. While there are many ways to take strokes off your game, putting remains one of the most effective and efficient ways to lower your final score. At Sacks Parente, we firmly believe that positioning, pace, practice, and several other components all impact the final result on your short game. But we also know firsthand that elevating your putting to another level begins with the putting technology you pull out of your golf bag. Using Sacks Parente Ultra Low Balance Point (ULBP) technology offers golfers a significant and sustainable way to impact their short game.

Using a Putter With Ultra Low Balance Point Technology

Every Sacks Parent putter has Ultra Low Balance Point technology — our patented, scientifically proven technology that distributes putter weight for a more solid impact. ULBP allows golfers to feel the head as it travels through the putting stroke. ULBP’s unique weight distribution creates a natural putter release for players, eliminating the need for golfers to “steer” the putter or force the direction of the putt. Put simply: traditional putters prompt players to hit the ball. A Sacks Parent putter with ULBP technology lets players feel like they’re putting through the ball as it travels to the hole, all without arm lock or anchoring.

Beyond utilizing ULBP science, all Sacks Parente putting instruments are designed to optimize the face-forward Center of Gravity (CG). Robot testing shows that the CG placement on many mallet and even some blade putters can create a “gear effect” which sends a putt off its intended course.  By strategically locating the center of gravity as close as possible in alignment with the hosel, Sacks Parente putters will reduce or even eliminate accuracy robbing gear effect, keeping the ball closer to its intended line and providing far superior rollout.

Other manufacturers will tell you gear effect is good, that’s usually because they don’t have the technology to get rid of it.

Transitioning From Putting With a Traditional Putter to Using a Sacks Parente Putter With ULBP

You will immediately feel the difference when putting with a Sacks Parente. For probably the first time ever you will feel the putter head, which may take a few putts to adjust to. As you putt with one of my putters, you will find that, during the stroke, the putter head is always trying to return to the address position. This is actually the putter head trying to return to square.

In fact, the only way the head doesn’t return to square is if the player alters the down stroke.  This is something most plays need to do with a traditional putter — but not with a Sacks Parente putting instrument. Our ULBP technology ensures that the putter head will naturally return to square, no matter which of our putter models you play and regardless of what type of putting stroke you have. Independent testing has consistently proven two things, ULBP will naturally improve your stroke and you’ll make more putts.

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Best of all, Sacks Parente is so confident in our ULBP technology that we offer a Performance Guarantee on every product we sell. If you’re not fully satisfied with your putter, simply return it for an exchange or refund. Our Performance Guarantee offers a no-risk, stress-free way to change your putting method without buyer’s remorse.

Ready to forever change your short game? Contact the Sacks Parente team today to schedule a free virtual fitting with Aki Yorihiro, our Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. Aki can walk you through the process to find the perfect custom putter length, grip, and lie for you.

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