Ultra Low Balance Point – Nothing Can Compare with our Putters

Ultra Low Balance Point – Nothing Can Compare with our Putters

It’s not always easy to find the right putter for your game. The sheer number of products available can convolute the process. With so many putters on the market, you may quickly find yourself overwhelmed when trying to find the best choice for your needs and style of play.

At Sacks Parente, we understand how much time, research, and attention goes into selecting a new putter. We feel that the results our putters deliver speak for themselves—but we also recognize how important it is for players to understand the design and science behind our putters to help them quickly zero in on the right one for their game. Our patented Ultra Low Balance Point (ULBP) technology is one of the biggest differentiators between our products and the competition.

A Breakdown of ULBP Technology

Our Ultra Low Balance Point innovation delivers a noticeable impact on the feel and performance of all Sacks Parente putters. Our product design eliminates approximately 125-140 grams of useless weight from the shaft and grip. By reducing the weight around and under your hands, ULBP technology lowers the risk of pulling the putter head offline and allows the toe to close automatically by squaring itself. This natural release is unique to ULBP and, quite simply, means you’ll make a lot more putts. That is a guarantee!

You may think removing weight from the shafts and grips would be easy. It’s not! That’s why the US Patent Office granted patent number US8608586B2 to Rich Parente and myself.

ULBP was extremely difficult to develop because there were no 30-gram grips or carbon shafts that weighed less than a gram an inch. Before we could fully test a putter, we first had to navigate the necessary research and development on the shaft and grip. We were even told (on numerous occasions) that it could not be done. Challenge accepted. We happily proved everyone wrong, and we now have a shaft and grip combination that can be as low as 60 grams in total weight.

We have proudly developed several innovative technologies for Sacks Parente Putters. We were the first with Vernier Acuity, Face Weighted Heads (patented), Quad Weighted heads (patented), and extreme heel/toe weighting. Still, none are more profound than Ultra Low Balance Point— it is a real game changer.

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