Brenda Gonzalez

Brenda Gonzales - Sacks Parente Golf Ambassador - 4

Player Bio


Brenda discovered SPG Ultra Low Balance Point Technology from Fernanda Lira. She found the Sacks Parente 54MH VA improved her stroke, her distance control and her scores.

Prior to putting with her Sacks Parente, Brenda was losing 4-7 strokes a match with her putter. After switching…She now gains up to 6 strokes a tournament with her Series 54 Mallet.



Born in Torreon, Mexico, now residing in Dallas, Texas, she started playing golf at 5 years old. Brenda played her junior career representing Campestre Torreon her home course.

She played NCAA Division I golf for 4 years at University of Central Arkansas where she was first team All American for two years.

2020-2021 Season

  • Finished TOP 5 – 4 Times
  • Finished TOP 20 – 8 Times
  • WAPT – Competed in 12 events
  • Completed LPGA Q School Stage 1


  • First Place Little Rock Classic Championship 2016
  • Top Five National Amateur Championship – Mexico

On the Course

Sacks Parente Golf Series 54MH - midsize mallet putter - 3 stripe - back view

54MH 3 Stripe

Weight: 374 grams
Loft: 3 degrees
Lie: 70 degrees
MOI Rating: 6167

(Moment of Inertia)