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Sacks Parente Golf Flat Top Grip (Copy)


Weighing in at approximately 33 grams, the FLAT TOP grip is 1/3rd the weight of typical putter grips found on the market today. Our proprietary NANO cellular technology allowed us to create a near perfect grip. Hot or cold, rain or shine, the Sacks Parente Featherweight Flat grip is the turbo-charger for our patented Ultra-Low Balance Point Technology.  With exacting standards for feel and comfort that exquisitely balance the levels of tack and cushion, you will know why you chose a Sacks Parente putting instrument.

In stock

All Sacks Parente putting instruments come with a premium cover, our exclusive ball mark and our 30 day performance guarantee.

IMPORTANT: Sacks Parente Golf does not sell grips for use on putters other than our own putting instruments. Unless you are the owner of a Sacks Parente putting instrument we do not sell grips or shafts as individual components. When you place your order please enter your putter Serial Number located on the bottom of your putter, beginning with the letter “P”.

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