Defying Convention

The Series 39

An iconic profile you may recognize. A putting instrument you have to experience to believe.


The Perfect Center of Gravity. 

The Series 39 with our patented ULBP (Ultra-Low Balance Point) technology has its center of gravity perfectly located between the front and back. This stabilizes the putter head while in motion and through impact, virtually eliminating all side spin on off-center hits.

The feeling of a perfect putt.

To maximize the MOI and diminish putter twist, the Series 39 has 126 grams of high-density tungsten, 2.5 times denser than steel, precisely located in the heel and toe. The result is far less energy loss and more accurate ball rollout even on putts hit off center.

The Moment of Inertia.

Moment of Inertia, in relation to putters, is defined as the ability of the putter to resist twisting on impact with the golf ball. Perfect contact and transfer of the available energy directly to the ball is the goal of each putt. However no golfer will hit the ball perfectly every time.  So energy, distance and directional control are all negatively effected on miss hits.

The Series 39 has a higher MOI than most mallet style putters. It has been developed, engineered and manufactured to help you make more putts.


303 Stainless Body

6061 Aluminum Face Plate

126 Grams of High Density Tungsten

360 Grams

Moment Of Inertia: 5300

3 Degrees

Lie Angle: 70 Degrees

Shaft Weight: 1 gram per inch

Grip Weight: 29 – 35 grams depending on the model chosen

S A C K S  P A R E N T E


Series 39

True Blade Putter




Every Sacks Parente putter comes with an exclusive SP ball mark, a class one putter cover, an owner anti-counterfeit card and an ultra low balance point guide to making more putts.