Series 39 True Blade Putter


With 126 grams of tungsten located in the heel and toe, this putter is more forgiving than most mallets.
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NON-STANDARD loft / lie are provided at no charge where possible. Should you require your putter to have non-standard shaft lengths, paint colors, engraving, NON-SPG grips, custom weighting, or other non-standard modifications you may be required to pay additional charges prior to assembly. Special terms and conditions apply.


All Sacks Parente putting instruments come with a premium cover, our exclusive ball mark and our 30 day performance guarantee.

The Series 39 putter has a perfectly balanced Center of Gravity (CG), engineered to give you a better stroke, better ball roll, better distance control and fewer three putts. The Series 39 may look familiar to some golfers, but there is no similarity when it comes to the playability of this instrument. With 126 grams of tungsten located in the heel and toe, this putter is a beast on the course. It is more forgiving than most mallets and if you love a simple look, there is no putter anywhere that is better.

The Putter Shaft.

The engine that drives the ultra-low balance point.

Sacks Parente putter shafts are complex engineered products, produced exclusively using the highest grade resins and composite fibers on the market.

Nothing can explain the feel, the ball roll, the accuracy, the distance control.

The Grips.
Just the right amount of everything.

Our signature nano cellular technology grips are specifically designed and engineered as an essential component of ULBP technology

    • Ultra Low Balance Point
    • Weight Forward CG
    • Ultra High Physics Based MOI
    • Unsurpassed Ball Roll
    • Naturally Improves Your Stroke

Like all Sacks Parente putting instruments, the 66 has our patented ULTRA-LOW BALANCE POINT TECHNOLOGY and this putting instrument, like all our putters, will naturally IMPROVE your stroke and your score.

HandRight Hand Only
Shaft TypeSPG CFS
Shaft Length32 in., 33 in., 33.5 in., 34 in., 34.5 in., 35 in., 36 in.
Grip TypeFlat Grip, Pistol Grip, Round Grip