Defying Convention


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The Series 66 is Sacks Parente’s latest introduction.

Familiarity NEVER felt so different.

This putter took more than two years of research, development, robotic testing and 5 fully functioning versions, prior to a full year of testing by PGA touring professionals, before the final production version was ultimately ready to change your game forever.

Defying Convention in Every Detail. 

This putter is a brilliant blend of 4 materials, 7070 aluminum, AS370 brass, ultra-high density tungsten and 6061 aircraft aluminum.  Fitted with advanced materials and combined with our ULBP technology the 66 offers a precise feel and playability, never before available in this style of putter. 

It is the first of its genre that performs more beautifully than it looks.

Balance & Center of Gravity Perfection. 

The 66 weight redistribution is pure genius.  Nearly 80% of the total head weight has been moved to the perimeter, toe and heel. Mis-hits roll off the face like perfect contact on the sweet spot.

Step out of the past.

See how physics and applied science are the real game changers.

Technology Developed On Tour.

The 66 had to prove itself in competition before we would be satisfied. 2019 saw the prototype 66i move up 77 places, in overall putting, from 80th to 3rd on the PGA Champions Tour. Amateurs, both high and low handicap, are extolling the virtues of this amazing instrument. 

From address, through take away, to impact with the ball…you have never experienced anything like this.


Brass Front

7000 Series Aluminum Back

6061 Aluminum Face Plate

45 Grams of High Density Tungsten

360 Grams

Moment Of Inertia:

Final Results of independent testing due soon.

3 Degrees

Lie Angle: 70 Degrees

Shaft Weight: 1 gram per inch

Grip Weight: 29 – 35 grams depending on the model chosen

S A C K S  P A R E N T E


Series 66

Cavity Back Flange Blade Putter




Every Sacks Parente putter comes with an exclusive SP ball mark, a class one putter cover, an owner anti-counterfeit card and an ultra low balance point guide to making more putts.