SPG Stand Bag



All Sacks Parente putting instruments come with a premium cover, our exclusive ball mark and our 30 day performance guarantee.

The new SPG Stand Bag delivers superior comfort and outstanding roominess for all your clubs and gear, so you focus on your game. The bag weighs only 4.8 lbs., it features a 6-way top with crush-resistant construction and our stabilized stand system for worry free functionality allowing you to set the bag down and get set for your next shot with ease. This beautiful unique design works exceptionally well for both the walker and the rider.

The SPG Stand Bag has TEN, yes 10, pockets/holders for everything from golf balls, to shoes, to a scorecard pin/Sharpie, to tees, water bottles and more. Anything you could ask of your golf bag, the SPG Stand Bag will deliver. Along with its TEN pockets/holders it comes with a snap on rain hoodie to protect your clubs too.

No matter if you change your mind and grab a trolley, the SPG Stand Bag is trolley friendly, cart friendly and a breeze to carry. You can’t go wrong with this bag.