Series 54MC SC

Striped Crown – Mid Sized Mallet Putter with Center Shaft

Every Sacks Parente putter comes with an exclusive SP ball mark, a class one putter cover, an owner anti-counterfeit card and an ultra low balance point guide to making more putts.




Mallet putters are available in various shapes and sizes. They are a popular choice because a properly designed mallet is usually more forgiving on mishits.

At Sacks Parente, out-performing most mallets wasn’t enough. We set out to produce the finest mallets ever made…Period. That means crafting putters that are extremely forgiving on off-center hits, are easy to align and all without sacrificing excellent feedback.


Multiple stripes have a history of making visual alignment easier. The SC is designed help your eyes follow the ramp shape towards the target and visually simulate the correct track, enabling you to line up shots more consistently, making more putts.



Moment of Inertia, in relation to putters, is defined as the ability of the putter to resist twisting on impact with the golf ball. Perfect contact and transfer of the available energy directly to the ball is the goal of each putt. However no golfer will hit the ball perfectly every time.  So energy, distance and directional control are all negatively effected on miss hits. 

The Series 54M has an extremely high MOI, higher than most mallet style putters. It has been developed, engineered and manufactured to help you make more putts.


6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum

High Density Tungsten

356 Grams

16 grams

Moment Of Inertia: 5300
3 Degrees
Lie Angle: 70 Degrees
Shaft Weight: 1 gram per inch
Grip Weight: 29 – 35 grams depending on the model chosen


This technology has changed the game forever. At approximately 1 gram per inch, our shafts are the high performance engine that powers ULBP. With the help of our technology partners, like Olympic, Co LTD, we’ve engineered Toray Carbon Fiber and graphite composite shafts that are ultra-lightweight, have a high CPM, and a unique dexterity unlike any other on the market.

Achieving this level of performance, at less than one third the weight of a typical steel shaft is an engineering marvel.


Our signature, featherweight, grips are specifically designed and engineered as an essential component of ULBP technology. At an average weight of 35 grams or less, our grips are less than half the weight of typical putter grips found in today’s market place.

This was no small feat. Just as critical, they also meet our exacting standards for feel and comfort, exquisitely balancing just the right levels of tack and cushion. With three styles to choose from, you are able to customize feel without compromising performance.