Just the right amount of everything.

Our signature Featherweight Putter Grips are specifically designed and engineered as an essential component of ULBP technology. At weights ranging from 30-35 grams, our grips are less than half the weight of typical putter grips found within the market today.

Our proprietary NANO cellular technology allowed us to create a near perfect grip, and required a major engineering and capital commitment just to develop the technology. 

Hot or cold, rain or shine, the Sacks Parente Featherweight grips are the turbo-charger for the Ultra-Low Balance Point Technology. 

With exacting standards for feel and comfort that exquisitely balance the levels of tack and cushion, you will wonder why anyone would want anything else. 

Sacks Parente offers three styles to choose from, so you will be able to customize the best feel for you, without compromising performance. 






For The Traditionalist

Considered, by the USGA, to be the “traditional” shape of a putter grip, this is one of golf’s most popular styles.

The Pistol Grip is characterized by an oval, upper cross-section, where this upper area increases as the hands move to the butt-end of the putter. It is further accentuated as the axis of the grip tilts toward you.

The Sacks Parente Pistol Grip delivers unmatched feel, texture and grip consistency. 

If you are a traditionalist, the Pistol Grip is your friend.



Our Most Popular Style

The SPG Flat Head is our most popular design. This grip promotes a smooth, more consistent pendulum stroke.

The Flat Head is engineered for accurate placement of your hands and directly corresponds to a proper putter face position. It will help your putting accuracy by assisting your alignment. 

This grip is a fuller feeling grip, without being so large it is cumbersome, causing you to over control or get “handsy” with your putter.

It is the choice for even the most discerning of golfers.



Subtle Comfort with Exceptional Feel 

The Sacks Parente Round is our X factor grip. 

It is slightly smaller at the top, and flared to a wider diameter at the bottom. The Round Grip delivers a definitive comfortable hand feel for all player types.

The slight inversion creates a comfortable, firm, more subtile grip, that helps to remove over-control, or the dreaded death grip.