Steve Sacks & Rich Parente

Legendary Golf Equipment Designers

Labor Of Love & Dedication

Steve Sacks

Since 1974, Steve has been a pioneer in golf-club design and manufacturing.

Throughout his career, he has done extensive R&D to test the effectiveness of exotic and alternative materials in golf club design and manufacturing.

Rich Parente

Rich was the original co-founder and first President of Callaway Golf in 1982.

He has been an industry leader with design innovations that have changed the way golf clubs are designed and manufactured for over five decades.

He is a true legend in the world of golf.


Two Lifetimes Dedicated To The Game

Every story has a beginning…

STEVE & RICH… first met while working for opposing golf companies. Despite being competitors in trade, the two master craftsmen formed an immediate admiration for one another because each of them was committed to pushing the limits of club design and manufacturing to help all golfers enjoy the game through innovation.

Through their partnership in putter designs, they have mutually inspired one another to keep expanding the boundaries of possibility.

These two have seen it all and understand which technologies and scientific advancements are effective and which are not. In 2011, they conceptualized the specific redistribution of weight throughout the putter.  This concept formed the basis of their Ultra Low balance Point (ULBP) technology.

ULBP has been refined through a journey of development; perfecting technologies, materials selection, relentless testing and evaluation, and searching for the perfect elements to make their concept a reality.

The reality that their ULBP technology could help all golfers led to the formation of the Sacks Parente Golf Company in 2018 with a promise – let nothing stand in the way of creating putting instruments that help every golfer have more fun.

  • Nearly 50 patents between these two.

  • Rich was Original Co-Founder of Callaway.

  • Founded Goldwin Golf.

  • Designed, developed, built technologies and products for the industry’s giants.

Make More Putts

Rich and Steve want everyone to love the game and helping them on that journey is paramount to them.

Coaching & Mentorship

Nothing gives these two legends more enjoyment than seeing young athletes loving the game. We open our putting studio to all ages.

Love of Golf

We sincerely appreciate the advances these men made to the modern era of golf. Rich’s S2H2 Patent that created the sensation known as the Big Bertha driver changed the way woods were made forever. Steve was at the foundry the day the first TaylorMade metal wood was produced.

Unfinished Business

These two are hard at work creating new technologies and proving out their “What if?” scenarios. The best is yet to come with Sacks Parente technology.

The numbering system?

Where did it come from?

Everyday we are sent an email or asked in a meeting, “Where did the numbering convention come from?”

About Sacks Parente

We have a very simple mission: help all golfers make more putts by making the best putting instruments ever built.  We knew it was time to shake up the conventional thinking about putter design.  After all, many of the golf putter designs we see today have been around since the 1960’s.  Quite frankly, they aren’t helping golfers make more putts.

It’s tough to make putts, but we realized that the more variables you eliminate, the better you will be, so we took a whole new look at putter design, materials, and technology to build Sacks Parente putting instruments.  The result, putting instruments that are defying convention from the grip to the sole to make more putts.

Making more putts is impacted by Feel, Alignment, Distance Control, Tempo, and Stability.  How a putting instrument addresses these critical putting needs is paramount to having the best putting performance.

SPG putting instruments combine the company’s patented Ultra-Low Balance Point (ULBP) system, which is defined as a balance point 5” or less from the sole of the putter, very high MOI, and weight-forward center of gravity. This unique combination achieves unparalled feel and performance that defies current putting theory.

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