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Independent Study

Do Sacks Parente putters deliver on the promise of making more putts?

About the Test

The Golf Lab asked for and found 15 volunteers with handicaps ranging from 15 to 8 to participate in a blind test using their own gamer vs their choice of a Sacks Parente putter.

Note: The volunteers had not played with a Sacks Parente putter before their opportunity to test.

Testing any thing in golf comes with a lot of scrutiny. Golfers are passionate about their choices. So this data was validated using one of the most sophisticated motion capture and analysis programs in the world…Gears.

Gears is a full body optical motion tracking system designed to measure and analyze every aspect of sport-specific skills, in full 3D, executed in a game-like scenario. This technology assists pros, coaches, and trainers to maximize athlete performance by revealing the underbelly of movement mechanics.

These results are real.

Volunteers were outfitted with the GEARS system.

Where most systems rely on low resolution approximations of swing data, with algorithmic estimates filling in the gaps. Gears provides hard data, actually measuring the entire swing as it unfolds.

Gears analyzes over 600 images per putt, in less than a second. Because both the grip and head are tracked, that data provides significant insight into the movement, including information that cannot be obtained by tracking the grip alone.

Sacks Parente putters were empirically proven to make more putts by being naturally easier to align, providing a more consistent stroke / speed control, better club path, and squaring the putter at impact.

The Summary

Test Results


  • Increase of +56% for putts made (32 with their own and 50 with a Sacks Parente) over the 82 total putts taken with each.
  • The make percentage for golfers increased from 39% to 62% when using Sacks Parente
  • 1 more putt for every 5 putts taken from 8 feet.


  • The golfers were able to aim the putters much better than their own at address.
  • Face Angle at address decreased from 0.79 degrees open to 0.13 degrees open (83% change) with a Sacks Parente.
  • VA54 putter was best. The average face angle for the golfers that used the VA54 went from 2.2 degrees open with their own putters to 0.25 degrees open, an 89% more square face.


  • We found a huge change in delivered face angle at impact. (Proof the putters square themselves at impact.)
  • Able to deliver the Sacks Parente putter 51% more square to the target line
  • Golfers tested to average 0.97 degree open with their putters and 0.47 degree open face angle with the Sacks Parente.  A 0.5 degree change is the difference between being able to make a 15 inch straight putt and 10 foot straight putt.


  • Club path stabilized with the Sacks Parente putters improved by 27%.
  • Golfers demonstrated a more consistent putting stroke.
  • Club path/face to path showed less variability with Sacks Parente than their own putters. 


  • Golfers tested saw a decrease in ball speed variability with the Sacks Parente putter.
  • Ball speed variability decreased from 0.42mph to 0.31mph with a Sacks Parente putter, a 27% improvement in speed variability.
  • More consistent ball speeds allow for better distance control.

Made More Putts Better Aim/Alignment
Improved Square Angle Improved Club Path
Better Speed Control Better Feel
15 Golfers
2460 Putts

Each golfer was given 82 putts with their own putter. This established their baseline.

Each golfer was allowed to select which Sacks Parente putter they wanted to try. Once chosen, they were given 82 more putts, using a putting instrument they had never used before.

Not surprising to us, the Ultra Low Balance Point and the exceptional head design of all Sacks Parente putters proved better than their own gamer.

You may not want to make more putts, but if you do…

try  S A C K S  P A R E N T E.

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