Aki's Guided Putter Fitting

We took Aki Yorihiro’s uncanny ability to analyze somebody’s putting stroke and packed it into this handy self-service fitting tool.

Simply answer a handful of questions about where you play, what challenges you face, and other various things that affect your putting, and we’ll provide a Sacks Parente putter recommendation without having to wait for a live appointment.

Today, we’re going to fit you for:

  • Putter head
  • Shaft
  • Grip

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Step 1 - Let's get introduced and talk about where you putt

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The Sacks Parente Performance Guarantee

We’re so certain that you’re going to love your Sacks Parente putter, you’ll get a full refund by returning the item within 30 days if you don’t notice results. So, give it a test drive! And, see what The Golf Lab had to say about our putters’ ability to deliver on the promise of making more putts in this independent study.

Ultra Low Balance Point

Ultra Low Balance Point, is proven technology, in putter weight distribution, where the golfer can feel the head as it travels through the putting stroke.

Front-Weighted Center of Gravity

Our patented putters maximize the face-forward Center of Gravity in their designs to lessen the harmful sidespin that rear-weighted putters can cause on putts.

NANO Cellular Technology

Our proprietary tech allows us to create a near-perfect putter grip. At weights ranging from 28.5 to 35 grams, our grips are 1/3 of the weight of everybody else today.