Better Aim.

Aligned at Impact.

High MOI.

No Twisting.

It’s Time

rethink your putter.

Instruments for effective putting.

Better Feel.
Better Stroke.
Better Score.

Technology Triad.

In every Sacks Parente 

We help you move past the mechanics of putting to create an experience, free from tension, where it is virtually effortless to roll the ball into the cup.  Through applied science, physics and advanced, patented technology  we defy convention to create putting success.  Technology Triad. Only at Sacks Parente Golf.

Ultra-Low Balance Point.

ULBP creates a natural putter release, squaring the head at impact and releasing the putter head, even in high stress situations. Ultra Low Balance Point, is proven technology, in putter weight distribution. 80% of the weight in the head where the golfer can feel the head as it travels through the putting stroke. You can’t control what you can’t feel. ULBP is our patented putting technology. It absolutely makes everyone, no matter his or her skill level, a more consistent putter.

Weight Forward Design.

Easier to stroke and create end-over-end roll. No Skid.

All SPG putting instruments have weight -forward Center of Gravity (CG) Designs to lessen the harmful sidespin (resulting from gear effect) that rear-weighted putters can cause on putts.

Blades as Forgiving as Mallets.

Huge Sweet Spot from extreme tungsten weighting
Less than 2% energy loss on a 1/2” mis-hit.
Less Twisting.

When it comes to putting. Stroke is everything.

It determines the speed of the ball roll and that is your distance control.  It determines the path.  SPG patented ULBP physics creates THE ONLY putters in golf that naturally improve your stroke and tighten your putt dispersion.

Putt Stroke Bias - Diagram


With the forgiveness of mallets.

Our patented physics create THE ONLY blade putters in golf that naturally improve your stroke to make more putts.  All Sacks Parente blades are engineered to deliver high MOI – unmatched stability – to naturally optimize your stroke and give you the best ball roll in golf.

The Mallet.

Business in the front,
party in the back.

Say Goodbye to Steel

The Steel Putter shaft is old news.

SPG saw an opportunity to make a better putter shaft of carbon fiber!

Lighter, stronger with more feel & better tempo.

Get a Grip.

Better grips, better control.

Physics Don’t Lie

15 Golfers
2460 Putts

Independently Proven to Make More Putts.

Follow the science.

The Golf Lab - Logo

Golf Lab studies confirmed significant improvements in the consistency of the the swing path, ball speed, face angle at impact, and ball direction. Your feel for the putter head becomes more acute and you will begin to naturally create a smoother stroke.

More clubhead feel.

Improved club swing path.

Greatly improved tempo.

Natural head release / closure.

Far better speed control.

More accurate alignment / aim.

We Back Our Performance

Take it out and give our putting instrument a workout. After a round or two, you will notice a change in your putting stroke.  If, on that rare chance, we don’t live up to your performance expectations, we have you covered.