4 Easy Ways to Get Fit

Our putters will make you a better putter. Our technology makes our putters feel different and perform different so the more we know about your putting game will help us help you make the best SPG putter decision.

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Custom Fitting Guide

Sacks Parente’s free Fitting Guide Matrix helps take the guesswork out of finding the right putter for your game. This brief, easy-to-fill-out tool gets to the heart of your style of play, determining critical factors, such as:

Type of greens typically played, Dominant eye & grip pressure Where you play most, and you most common challenges.

Our guide will tell you how these factors impact your game and why your current putting outcomes are happening. It will also help you determine which Sacks Parente putting instruments are best suited for your putting stroke.We understand the right fit is everything.

Download our custom putter fitting guide.

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Watch the SPG Fitting Video

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Time is precious. Get a live fitting from Home.

Get fit virtually by CTO Aki Yorihiro and other SPG expert putter fitters. Simply answer a handful of questions about your putting and what challenges you face. Then you will have a Zoom call live with an SPG fitter to watch you putt and receive an assessment and a recommendaton. An easy and effective way to be fit.
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Chat or Visit in Person with an Expert

Schedule a Call

Schedule a call with our team to determine which putter, shaft and grip would fit your style of play and then order online. 

(855) SPG PUTT / (855) 774-7888

In-Person Fittings

If you’re in the Camarillo area, schedule an in-person visit at our offices  where we will work closely with you to find your new gamer.

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 Fittings are also available in all Club Champion locations throughout the USA. Club Champion is the #1 premium club fitter, builder and retailer of the best brands in golf. Their putter-fitting experts use state-of-the-art technology, regardless of your ability or handicap, and Club Champion fitters will match you with the right Sacks Parente model.