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Series 66 - Cavity back Flange - Demo

Series 66 - Cavity back Flange - Demo

$30 Flat-Rate Shipping.

In addition to the $30.00 shipping charge, a “deposit hold” equal to the full retail value of the putter(s) will be placed on your card. The deposit hold (aka “security deposit”) will not be collected unless the demo putter(s) are not returned to us within a 21-day period (providing for up to seven (7) days for return shipment).

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  • All Sacks Parente putting instruments come with a premium cover, our exclusive ball mark and our 30 day performance guarantee.


The Series 66 Mg “Anser-style” putter has a maximized face-forward center of gravity (CG) engineered to give you a better stroke, ball roll, distance control, and ultimately fewer three putts. The Series 66 Mg is the most forgiving Anser-style putter ever produced and it will deliver the ball on line even with a mis-hit of up to 1/2″ to the toe or the heel from center. Lag putts become second nature, and three putts are a thing of the past. This putter is CNC milled from five different metals, all formulated by our engineers, to deliver a feel and distance control, unlike any “Anser” style you have tried.

All Sacks Parente putting instruments are engineered to deliver the correct MOI and offer unmatched stability to naturally optimize your stroke and give you the best ball roll in golf.

The Putter Shaft. The engine that drives the ultra-low balance point. Sacks Parente putter shafts are complex engineered products produced exclusively using the highest grade resins and composite fibers on the market.

The Grips. Our signature nano cellular technology grips are specifically designed and engineered as an essential component of ULBP technology.

  • Ultra Low Balance Point
  • Weight Forward CG
  • Ultra High Physics Based MOI
  • Unsurpassed Ball Roll
  • Naturally Improves

Your StrokeLike all Sacks Parente putting instruments, the 66 Mg has our patented Ultra Low Balance Point, and this putting instrument, like all our putters, will naturally improve your stroke and your score.

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Ultra Low Balance Point Technology

With minimal effort, ULBP promotes a natural pendulum motion that automatically squares the putter head and releases at impact, delivering exceptional speed control and rollout. Our patented putter technology is defined as a balance point below 5 inches from the sole of the putter and cannot be replicated.

Weight-Forward Design

The weight-forward design makes the putter easier to stroke and achieves effortless end-over-end roll. It stabilizes the hands to allow the putter head to follow its intended line to make more putts. All SPG putting instruments have maximized the weight-forward Center of Gravity (CG) to lessen the harmful sidespin (resulting from the gear effect) that rear-weighted putters can cause on putts.

High MOI Stability

There is less than 2% energy loss on a 0.5" mishit toward the heel or toe (typical putters usually lose 10-20% energy on the same putt). SPG putters create consistent ball speed and direction, even on off-center strikes, improving the greens' distance control. Say goodbye to 3 putts!

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