Sacks Parente Golf Academy

Improving every player’s opportunity to make more putts.

Introduction To Sacks Parente Putting Technology

This is the basic engineering understanding for all Sacks Parente putting instruments.

This video is 8:28 minutes in length.

Achieving the
Ultra-Low Balance Point

The technology that creates the ULBP.

This video is 2:28 minutes in length.

Nano Technology Grips

Which grips works best.

This video is 1:38 minute(s) in length.

Series 66 Flange Blade

This is our newest offering and it has received high praise from tour pros, golf media and amateurs alike.

This video is 4:49 minute(s) in length.

Series 18 Cavity Sole Blade

The Series 18 a beautiful tribute to the original 8802 design, packed with advanced technology that is forgiving and rolls the ball like no other.

This video is 2:55 minute(s) in length.



Series 39 True Blade

The Series 39 delivers an MOI with align-ability that rivals most mallets, design with a historically significant “Bullseye” style. It is near perfectly balanced with a perfect center of gravity.

This video is 4:10 minute(s) in length.

Series 54L Large Mallet

The most forgiving, softest feel, putter we offer.

This video is 4:48 minute(s) in length.



Series 54M Mid Size Mallet

The heel and center shafted 54M is a favorite of mallet lovers.

This video is 6:00 minute(s) in length.