“The feel of this putter, makes the hole look like it’s a bucket.”



It just got a whole lot harder to miss a putt.

ULBP, promotes natural pendulum motion, (think of a watch on a chain), requires minimal effort, and instinctively causes the putter head to square at impact.

An engineering trifecta.

We re-engineered and re-mastered the putter grip, the shaft and the head. Working together harmoniously these combined technologies created the ultimate putting instrument.

Each part plays an integral role in redistributing the weight throughout the club.

Patented ULBP cannot exist without this unified approach.


The Grips


Our feat, redistributing total club weight, depended on removing as much weight as possible from the grip.

Using advanced nano cellular technology, our grips average a weight of less than 35 grams. They are less than half the weight of typical putter grips found on the market today – and this was no simple task.

Just as critical, they also meet our exacting standards for feel and comfort, exquisitely balancing just the right levels of tack and cushion.

With 3 styles to choose from, you’re able to customize them to your hand without  any compromise on performance.

The Shafts


At approximately 1 gram per inch, our shafts are the high-performance engine that powers ULBP. With the help of our partners, like Olympic CO. LTD, we’ve engineered TORAY carbon fiber and graphite composite shafts that are ultra-lightweight, have a stroke specific CPM, and a unique dexterity unlike any other on the market. 


Achieving this level of performance, at less than one third of the weight of a typical steel shaft is an engineering marvel.


The Heads


Ultimately, through the help of physics, our redistribution of the head weight created putting instruments that deliver a pure roll, ultra-low energy loss on mis-hits and amazing distance control.

We moved as much as 80% of the head weight to the heel and toe. We used the highest density tungsten available, in conjunction with lightweight alloys to redistribute the weight, thereby dramatically increasing MOI on tour weighted (350-360 gram) heads, and keeping the center of gravity as close to the shaft axis as possible.

We have a full line of styles, shapes and contours to meet any golfer’s visual satisfaction while delivering the same technology across the line.