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Introduction To Sacks Parente Putting Technology

Watch the video for a basic engineering understanding for all Sacks Parente putting instruments.

Blade Putter Cover - Sacks Parente - Retouched

Front-Weighted Center of Gravity

The location of the Center of Gravity (CG) has been a technological focus of SPG since our founding.  All SPG putting instruments have maximized the face-forward Center of Gravity (CG) in their designs to lessen the harmful sidespin (resulting from gear effect) that rear-weighted putters can cause on putts.  Sacks Parente believe that sidespin created by gear effect adds another variable to putting creating inconsistency.

In robot testing, even in putts as short as ten feet, we discovered that many mallet putters (and a few big blades) have gear effect because the CG is placed so far away from the face of the putter.

Sidespin is a great trick in billiards but definitely not something you want to see on your golf ball.


Fernanda Lira - Sacks Parente Ambassador - 2

Improves Your Stroke And Your Score

Ultra Low Balance Point, is proven technology, in putter weight distribution, where the golfer can feel the head as it travels through the putting stroke. “Like the way the anchored putters would let you feel the head, but now in a standard style, and most importantly, without arm lock or anchoring.”

ULBP is our patented putting technology. No putter may balance on the shaft at 5″ or less from the sole of the putter or it is in violation of our US Patent Number EP2750772B1 as well as other patents of ours around the world.

ULBP creates a natural putter release, squaring the head at impact and releasing the putter head, even in high stress
situations.  It takes away the need to steer your putter or fight it while you try to force it to release.  It absolutely makes everyone, no matter his or her skill level, a more consistent putter.

Pick up a Sacks Parente putting instrument by the head to feel how we accomplished our ULBP system; It’s the combination of the proprietary components, our featherweight grips, ultra-light shafts, plus our milled Tour-weight putter heads that together achieve ULBP.




“The ultra-low balance point just naturally improves your stroke.”

Ken Duke – PGA Champions Tour 

Winner Travelers Championship


If you want to improve your game, Sacks Parente putters are the fastest way to lower your scores. See what The Golf Lab found when they tested these amazing putting instruments.