Legendary Equipment Designers

A true labor of love.

Love from every angle, every look, trial, test, and measure…right down to every putt.


Since 1974, Steve has been a pioneer in golf-club manufacturing.

He has done extensive R&D in the use and effectiveness of exotic, alternative, materials for golf club manufacturing & design.

He co-founded Goldwin Golf and was a key party to the success of two popular putting companies.


Rich was the original co-founder & first President of Callaway Golf in 1982.

He has been an industry leader with design innovations that have changed the way golf clubs are designed and manufactured for over five decades.

He is a true legend in the world of golf.

Every story has a beginning…

STEVE & RICH… first met while working for opposing golf companies. Despite being competitors in trade the two master craftsmen formed an immediate admiration for one another due to overlapping goals. Each of them was committed to pushing the limits of club design and manufacturing to help all golfers enjoy the game through innovation. Their friendship grew over the years as did their unique manufacturing and design ideologies. As one pushed forward, so did the other. They mutually inspired one another to keep expanding the boundaries of possibility.

With more than 100 years of combined experience in the golfing world, Steve and Rich have seen it all – they’ve learned which golfing technologies and scientific advancements are effective and which are not. In 2011, they conceptualized the specific redistribution of weight throughout the putter. This began the journey of development; perfecting technologies, materials selection, relentless testing and evaluation, searching for the perfect elements to make their concept a reality. 

That journey led to the formation of the Sacks Parente Golf Company in 2018 with a promise – let nothing stand in the way of creating putting instruments that help every golfer have more fun.