The World’s Most Advanced Putter Shafts


Sacks Parente putter shafts are complex engineered products, produced exclusively using the highest grade resins and composite fibers on the market.

These shafts are the most sophisticated ever found on any putter, and in combination with the impeccable designs of Steve Sacks and Rich Parente, they deliver on the promise of our Ultra-Low Balance Point Technology. 

Three Amazing Shafts

You cannot control what you cannot feel. Without feedback your putting stroke, angle of attack, face at impact are all just a shot in the dark. 

With the patented Ultra-Low Balance Point Technology you will feel the ball for the first time. 


Our Most Popular Shaft

At a weight of approximately 1 gram per inch, a Sacks Parente 33” shaft would weigh only 33 grams, while steel counterparts, for the same length, generally start at 120+ grams. We utilize a shaft manufacturing process where we overcome inconsistencies generally found in composite shaft production.

Our composite graphite shaft controls vibration better than steel, so the feedback at impact is exact, yet softer, to the golfer’s hands. Graphite composite is the material of choice where lightweight & superior performance is paramount, used in the production of spacecraft, fighter jets, race cars, and the world’s finest putting instruments, graphite fibers are made from organic polymers.

With this shaft you will be amazed at your tempo, distance control and stroke repeatability.

Note: A composite graphite shaft needs more care than a standard steel shaft. It is ultra-light weight and it is not designed to hold a large amount of body weight. It should never be used to hold you up or lean on when bending over.

Tour Shaft

Our Most Popular Shaft With Touring Pros

The SPG Tour shaft was developed exclusively in conjunction with Olympic Co., LTD, a company with a long, and storied, history of developing and manufacturing the finest carbon fiber products in the world.

Our Tour shaft is manufactured with Torayca® (Toray) 1100G high strength and high modulus carbon fiber.  Toray 1100G was developed in 2014 and features nano technology to create nano-level fiber structure control.  This nano-alloy technology achieves both tensile and compressive strength previously not attained.

Toray combines the 1100G with its matrix resin technology to create pre-preg required by the aerospace industry and Sacks Parente Golf.  The Toray 1100G has a tensile strength of 7GPa and a tensile modulus of 320GPa.  Without Toray Fibers and pre-preg, the SPG Tour shaft would not meet the standards of strength, feel and durability required.

Our Tour shaft will deliver perfect feedback, with a major increase in strength over the composite graphite. Tempo, distance control and stroke repeatability will become staples of your game with this shaft.

Note: Although ultra light weight, this shaft is stronger than a typical steel putter shaft and therefore requires no special care. 

Tour X Shaft

The F1 Of Putter Shafts

The Tour X delivers a definitive edge to professional players, and avid, experienced, golfers with an obsession to play the most exclusive, technically advanced equipment on the market. At a weight of approximately 1 gram per inch this shaft outperforms steel in every capacity.

This one of a kind putter shaft is made possible by a sophisticated combination of superior Japanese fabrication techniques and the combined use of two different exotic TorayCATM carbon fibers. Our Tour X shaft shares the basic structure of the Tour shaft. 

The Tour X has been augmented with newly developed Toray M40X series fibers and pre-preg.  In developing the M40X fibers, Toray pursued both fiber strength and tensile modulus.  While this is normally a trade-off relationship, Toray succeeded in improving tensile strength by about 30% without a loss of modulus. The end result is a tensile modulus over 370Pa and unmatched playability. 

Beyond the exotic materials and proprietary designs, our exclusive shaft partner, Olympic Co. LTD of Japan, meticulously manages every aspect of the manufacturing process. Pre-preg materials are rigorously inspected, and exacting controls verify weight and flex; center-less grinding ensures strict shape and diameter tolerances are maintained in every shaft.

Note: Although ultra light weight, this shaft is stronger than a typical steel putter shaft and therefore requires no special care.

Which shaft is best for me?

Graphite Shaft

This is our softest feel shaft. It has a CPM (shaft stiffness measurement) of  360 +/- 10. Our Graphite shafts deliver more flex, more reaction, to your putting stroke. Touring pros use this shaft and love it. 

Tour Shaft

The Tour shaft is most popular with players who want a firmer feel from the putter. With a CPM of 380 +/- 10, the Tour is a perfect blend of stiffness, control and feel. This shaft is played by touring professionals.

Tour X Shaft

This is truly the most advanced putter shaft in the world. It is revered by players who want  complete feedback from a shaft that is ultra firm. The CPM of this shaft is 440 +/-5 and is beautiful beyond compare. 

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