SPG Putter Shafts

The world's most advanced putter shafts

Sacks Parente Putter Shafts

Sacks Parente putter shafts are complex engineered products, produced exclusively using the highest grade resins and composite fibers on the market.

Our shafts are engineered to solve one of putting’s biggest challenges…FACE ROTATION…the natural rotation of a putter.
Achieveing the correct face angle, at impact, is one of the most important keys to sinking putts. Independent studies regarding our technology prove this. IN FACT: First time users improved their face angle at impact by 83% just by using Sacks Parente instead of their own gamer.

The shorter the putt the more important your face angel at impact becomes. With our patented stroke control technology, ULBP, all our putters naturally release and square themselves at impact.

These shafts are the physics ENGINE behind our patented stroke control technology and they are the most sophisticated ever found on any putter. In combination with our ultra high MOI designs, we deliver on the promise of our Ultra-Low Balance Point system.

Shaft makers everywhere are trying to produce putter shafts now. Why? You cannot control what you cannot feel. Without feedback your putting stroke, angle of attack, face at impact are all just a shot in the dark.

Our shafts, with the patented Ultra-Low Balance Point Technology, give you a feel of the ball unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Why Sacks Parente Putter Shafts


Made in the USA

The CFS – The Players’ Shaft

Played on multiple professional tours the CFS
Players’ shaft weighs approximately 44 grams at 35ʺ,
while steel counterparts, for the same length,
generally start at 120+ grams.

The Pro shaft is engineered to religiously
control shaft diameter and wall thickness to deliver
the right torque and flex, within our overall weight

The Pro shaft uses PAN-based, aerospace grade,
carbon fiber prepreg, with a low resin content,
creating higher strength to weight ratios.