Vernier Acuity.

In 2018 Sacks Parente introduced the world’s first Vernier Acuity (three stripe)  putter, although many now tout three track technology as “revolutionary” it was Sacks Parente who revolutionized it on the putter head.

Vernier Acuity is the smallest visible offset between the stimuli that can be detected.”

The Sacks Parente 54 Series mallet putters with VA lines create a better visual alignment of the putter face to the ball.

Although this assists the golfer in their initial alignment, it is the Ultra Low Balance Point that insures the head squares at impact and actually helps the golfer make more putts.

Ultra Low Balance Point & Vernier Acuity.

ULBP, promotes natural pendulum motion, (think of a watch on a chain), requires minimal effort, and instinctively causes the putter head to square at impact.

When combined with the ease of alignment, using our 54 Series VA version, the golfer increases their ability to make more putts dramatically.

Mallet Putter

Scientifically PROVEN to Make More Putts.

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Mallet Putter


Better Aim

Golf Lab independtly determined golfers were able to better AIM the Sacks Parente putters over their own putter.

In a FACE ANGLE ERROR test, the golfers, with handicaps ranging from 8 to 15, saw an 89% improvement in face angle error using Sacks Parente’s 54 Series with VA lines.


Square Angle At Impact

Golfers were able to deliver Sacks Parente putters 51% MORE SQUARE to the target line than with their own putter.

During the testing at Golf Lab, they determined golfers were 0.97 degrees OPEN with their own putter at impact and 0.47 degrees with a Sacks Parente. This is a HUGE change in delivered face angle at impact, PROVING the Sacks Parente design is superior.

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