The Best Golf Advice you’ll Ever Get

The Best Golf Advice you’ll Ever Get

The Best Golf Advice You’ll Ever Get

Some of you may disagree, but why?  OK, we’ve all been on the receiving end of some unwanted golf advice.  Everyone loves to give advice, if you play golf it’s unescapable.  Here’s my 2 cents worth and why I believe it.

Are you ready?  My advice is:  It doesn’t matter how far you hit your driver or any other club in your bag.  The ONE thing that matters most is how many putts you make, PERIOD!

So, why don’t the major manufacturer’s tell you this.

The truth is, it’s not glamorous or exciting enough for them.  They all have to spend millions in advertising to be competitive.  They all know that people change drivers, wedges and irons far more often putters.  Fortunately for the golf industry, many, many players want to buy a game (and I’m just as bad as everyone else).  We are all looking for the magic and we are all convinced that we’re just one driver (or hybrid or wedge, etc.) away.  That’s why the major manufacturer’s and a lot of smaller ones, have spent millions of dollars on the research and development of pretty much every club in the bag except for putters.

Up until the last few years putters just haven’t had the cache or the romance of all the other clubs in the bag.  Coincidentally, a well designed and manufactured putter is also the least profitable for all the manufacturer’s to sell you.  There just wasn’t enough money in it for all of them.  Well, now that’s changing.

There are a bunch of reasons why, after all these years, putters are becoming more important.  Number one on that list is parity within the rules of golf.  As the manufacturers progressed, they have exploited just about every bit of technology available to maximize every club in the bag.  Many clubs, especially drivers have the same playing characteristics even if they’re from different manufacturer’s.  These club heads are also all maxed out.  So much so, they have run head first into the limits imposed by the rules of golf.  Any club in the bag could be made better or longer except for one thing, they would not conform to the rules of golf.  But there’s also a more subtle reason why the putter is becoming much more important, SACKS PARENTE is pushing them to do it.

Putter technology has been stagnant since the late 1960’s.  Yes, we have seen weird shapes, inserts and some funky grips, but in truth they’ve all been done before.  Inserts were in use about 100 years ago.  Weird shapes?  As long as golf as been around.  Grips? Lot’s of shapes since the 1950’s.  But about 4 years ago we founded Sacks Parente explicitly to move putter innovation and design into the 21st century.

Since then Sacks Parente has led the putter technology assault with these innovations that are not only changing the game today, but forever.

  1. Ultra Low Balanced Point (ULBP) – This patented technology removes as much weight as possible from the shaft and grip.  The benefit’s are many, including, the only putter technology that releases the head and squares itself at impact.  The player feels the putter head for the first time ever.  The putter will actually improve your stroke with use.  You’ll make more putts.
  2. Front or Face Weighted Technology – We were the first (and immediately copied) to design putter heads featuring the technology to move as much weight as possible towards the face.  By bringing weight forward we create faster roll with less bouncing (bouncing putts is a curse) and far better roll out (the ball stays on target line).
  3. Ultra High Moment of Inertia (UHMOI) – MOI is easy to explain, but how we create it really isn’t.  MOI is simply creating weight at the heel and toe to make the club head more forgiving on off center ball strikes.  If dead center is 100%, as you move away from center the percentage goes down.  The more weight in the heel and toe, the farther you can strike the ball off center with a favorable result.  Unfortunately, there are ways to cheat the MOI number (the higher the number the better).  The ways to cheat are: Creating extra large, abnormally shaped or unattractive heads that give more freedom to move weight around.  Or by moving weight back, away from the face.  This gives you an easy to achieve high MOI number.  Both methods tend to create gear effect.  Gear effect makes the ball roll inconsistently and curve off the target line.  By moving weight forward SACKS PARENTE limits and in some cases eliminates gear effect.  The hard part is achieving a UHMOI and front weighting.  We are limited to a very small amount of space to add effective weight.  This demands the use of very expensive high-density tungsten in copious quantities and every design “trick” Rich and I know to make this technology work for you.

So, why did I write all of the above?  My best golf tip is:  The ONE thing that matters most is how many putts you make, PERIOD!  My second best golf tip is to use a Sacks Parente Putter if you want to consistently make more putts. Schedule a free fitting today by clicking the button below!

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