The Only Putters in Golf That Naturally Improve Your Stroke.

Own the Line.

Better Aim.
No Twisting.
Square Impact.

Blades with mallet forgive­ness.

Our blades have a huge sweet spot from extreme tungsten weighting. Less than 2% energy loss on a 1/2” miss-hit. Less twisting.

Own the Feel.

Ultra-Low Balance Point.
Carbon Fiber Shafts.
Ultra-Light ULBP Grips.

The mallet.

Stroke stability, meets big sweet spot.

Own the Stroke.

Ultra-Low Balance Point.
Improves Tempo.
Squares the Face.
Better Distance Control.

Physics don’t lie.

Follow the physics.

Independently proven to make more putts.

15 Golfers
2460 Putts

Golf Lab studies confirmed significant improvements in the consistency of the the swing path, ball speed, face angle at impact, and ball direction. Your feel for the putter head becomes more acute and you will naturally create a smoother stroke.  Resulting in making more putts. 

Own the Roll.

Weight Forward CG.
Better Roll Out.
No Skid.

Own the Cup.

When it comes to putting. Stroke is everything.

It determines the path of your putter head, where you strike the ball on the face of the putter, and the speed of your ball as it rolls towards the cup. If you hit off center, to the toe or heel, if you push or pull the ball, or don’t have consistency in your speed, you’re missing putts you should make, or worse… three putting.

Putt Stroke Bias - Diagram

We back our performance.

Take it out and give our putting instrument a workout. After a round or two, you will notice a change in your putting stroke. If, on that rare chance, we don’t live up to your performance expectations, we have you covered.