Sacks Parente ULBP Putting Instruments

Experience feeling the putter head for the first time.

David Wolfe of MyGolfSpy said it best…”Very simply, the Sacks Parente putters are different. You’ll be hard pressed to find a putter made by another manufacturer that feels like these.”

But for the record, just being different will never be the goal. The ONE and ONLY result that matters is YOU making more putts.

Using applied science and physics, without regard to cost, we engineered each of the components, drastically removing weight from the grip and shaft, but keeping the head a tour preferred 355-365 grams. In so doing we have generated incomparable feel and control. 

We mill all our putting instruments from the finest materials available, and with real advances in MOI, using as much as 126 grams of tungsten our putts roll out even when mis-hit. While others now exclaim the virtue of the center of gravity, we developed forward CG (FCG) in 2018 to improve ball roll. We put the physics of FCG into every single putting instrument we make.

Our designs in concert with our ULTRA-LOW BALANCE POINT patent, deliver an indescribable feel of the putter head, and let you experience the free release of the toe on every putt.  By allowing physics, not marketing,  to dictate everything, our putting instruments have change the status quo forever.

Professionals and amateurs, at all levels, are experiencing great game improvement with ULBP and so should you .

“The response is intoxicating. Maybe addicting is a better word.

The roll on the ball is exceptional, and the feeling is unlike anything else on the market today.”

Josh Babbitt

The Hackers Paradise

PGA Tour Winner, PGA Champions Player

Ken Duke

Listen to Ken Duke, PGA Tour winner and current PGA Champions  player who went from 80th in over all putting to 3rd in less than one season using ULBP technology from Sacks Parente.  

Sacks Parente Blades

Series 66

Cavity Back Flange Blade

Series 39

True Blade

Series 18

Cavity Sole Flange Blade


The concept behind the high-end putters from Sacks Parente is something Jack Nicklaus pursued in the 1960s – trying to make everything lighter so he could better feel the head of the putter. 

…the feel is remarkably pure, requiring seemingly minimal effort, and the weighting causes the putter head to naturally square at impact instead of being slightly open or closed.

Eric Matuszewski

Forbes Magazine

Sacks Parente Mallets

Series 54MH

Mid Size Mallets

Heel Shaft

Series 54MC

Mid Size Mallets

Center Shaft

Series 54LC

Large Mallet

Heel Shaft

Series 54LH

Large Mallet

Center Shaft


My first round with my new  (Sacks Parente) blade saw me make four long putts, a rarity for me. The feel was outstanding, but I chalked some of that putting success to beginner’s luck with a new club.

Then a second and third round also proved as productive with the new flat stick.

David Droschak

Golf At A Glance




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What amateur golfers say about their Sacks Parente putting instruments.

Having a putter you are confident in helps your all around game.  I had one I thought was great. 

Since switching to  Sacks Parente I have had rounds of 25 and 26 putts.  When you know you are going to make putts you can be more aggressive.

It just allows me to be more confident and never worry because I know I am going to make the important putts.

Steve McMillian

Amateur, Orlando, FL

I rely on putting for the edge to win tournaments.

The roll off the face of my Series 54MH VA mallet is smooth, true and it gives me confidence I’ll make the putt.




#nevergoingback  #sacksparente  “

Sue MacCormick

Amateur, Hilton Head, SC

“I putted lights out with my new Sacks Parente putter.

It is so sensitive it develops finesse.

You cannot boss it around, very light grip, gentle backstroke and then let it swing itself. I am holing everything.

Best of all everyone is very jealous. It is a thing of beauty just to look at.

Vashti Cheyne

Amateur, Boxford, MA

“I was a 6 handicap when I tried Sacks Parente.

Within three months I was a 3 handicap, all because of my confidence in putting with my Series 66.

I cannot say enough good things about the company and their products.”

Scott Ange

Amateur, Westlake Village, CA

“I constantly rave about these putters.

I have to rave again about what this putter has done for my game!

It has made me competitive again.”

Tom Parker

Amateur, Suwanee, GA



If you want to improve your game, Sacks Parente putters are the fastest way to lower your scores. See what The Golf Lab found when they tested these amazing putting instruments.

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