Our Mallets putt better through our holistic design and leading putter technologies. They may look familiar to you, but that’s where it ends. Our mallets feel great, swing, aim, and roll great — all backed by our patented Ultra-Low Balance Point technology and high MOI with weight-forward designs. We make every putter a better putter.

Series 02 – “The DRAC”

The Drac is a fang-style for both mallet and blade users. The heel and toe are front-weighted with 100 grams of tungsten, which keeps it freakishly stable and swings and rolls effortlessly.

Series 54 Mid-Size Mallet

The Series 54 Mid-Size mallet is a simple putter with a flat crown, low at the back, that ramps up to the face to eliminate optical misalignment. Our patented Ultra-Low Balance Point technology combines ultra-high MOI with a weight-forward design.