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Counterfeit Putters

All Sacks Parente putters are serialized and all Sacks Parente putters that have been legally sold will have a product validation card that ties specifically to a serial number. Our program is designed to stop fraud and Sacks Parente will aggressively pursue anyone who engages in these practices.


Sacks Parente Golf Company, LLC vigorously protects its intellectual property. The potential consequences of counterfeiting and/or selling counterfeited product includes fines, product confiscation as well as possible imprisonment. We investigate all leads in this type of illegal activity and take aggressive yet appropriate action against anyone selling counterfeits of our putters.


To ensure that you purchased a Sacks Parente manufactured putter, only purchase directly from our website or an official Sacks Parente retailer.  Our products are primarily sold at a select number of green grass golf courses and very few off course specialty shops or retailers. Sacks Parente products are never authorized to be sold at flea markets or on internet auction websites. When you make purchases in these unauthorized locations, there is a much greater chance that the products offered could be counterfeit.  To find an authorized retailer, visit our Official Retailer Locator.




If the deal is too good to be true, you can bet, it most likely is. Sacks Parent putters have unique and traceable serial numbers. All our products ship from Camarillo, California if purchased on the internet. There are no other internet outlets for our putters except our websites. So if the goods are being offered on a website in China, or are shipping from any place other than Camarillo, CA they are probably counterfeit.


Be wary of any seller that requires payment by person to person money transfer, such as Western Union. These types of transfers are not traceable and counterfeiters often use them. Always check a seller’s feedback on auction sites.


Try to compare the product that you are buying against authentic product. If there are any differences, even slight ones, it is most likely counterfeit. We do not sell seconds or blemished products, so there will not be different versions of our products in the marketplace.


If you are in doubt, call us with the serial number and don’t buy the product without confirmation.


You can learn more about how counterfeiting effects companies, by visiting the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s website.