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SPG Commemorative Hat

SPG Commemorative Hat

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  • Adjustable – One Size Fits Most
  • Mid-Profile Structured Design
  • Comfortable 100% Cotton

    30% of every commemorative hat purchased will be donated to the SEAL FUTURE FOUNDATION. You can learn learn more about these great people at

  • All Sacks Parente putting instruments come with a premium cover and our 14 day performance guarantee.


Golf hats for men and women.  These golf hats provide comfort and protection when you are on the golf course or just living life.  Sacks Parente golf hats match your golfing style and help keep the sun out of your eyes while you are lining up winning putts.

  • Adjustable – One Size Fits Most
  • Mid-Profile Structured Design
  • Comfortable 100% Cotton
  • Ventilation Eyelets
  • Pre-Curved Visor
  • Cooling Sweatband
  • UV Blocking Brim keeps your head cool while protecting your face and skin from UV rays
  • Embroidered – SPG logo

Navy Seals

The Seal Future Foundation

Transitioning out of the Navy Seals, many great service men find themselves alone, facing an unfamiliar enemy, and one they’ve never trained for. This enemy is change. The move from service life to private citizen can be daunting. How do these brave sailors find new purpose without teammates or resources to help? They may have sustained injuries—internal, external, or both—that the current system does not know how to address. They may be teaching themselves how to be a father and husband again having been deployed most of their career.

The SEAL Future Foundation is here with the tools and resources to help these great people get healthy and find that next purpose. It is definitely not be easy but they do not have to fight this battle alone.

We believe there is no greater love than that which these incredible people have given for every citizen of the United States. Please support them by purchasing this commemorative hat.

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Ultra Low Balance Point Technology

With minimal effort, ULBP promotes a natural pendulum motion that automatically squares the putter head and releases at impact, delivering exceptional speed control and rollout. Our patented putter technology is defined as a balance point below 5 inches from the sole of the putter and cannot be replicated.

Weight-Forward Design

The weight-forward design makes the putter easier to stroke and achieves effortless end-over-end roll. It stabilizes the hands to allow the putter head to follow its intended line to make more putts. All SPG putting instruments have maximized the weight-forward Center of Gravity (CG) to lessen the harmful sidespin (resulting from the gear effect) that rear-weighted putters can cause on putts.

High MOI Stability

There is less than 2% energy loss on a 0.5" mishit toward the heel or toe (typical putters usually lose 10-20% energy on the same putt). SPG putters create consistent ball speed and direction, even on off-center strikes, improving the greens' distance control. Say goodbye to 3 putts!

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