Collection: Try Before You Buy

A simple and easy way to try Sacks Parente putters with no risk or obligation to purchase.

We are completely confident that when you compare our putters to your current putter
or other putters on the market, you’ll prefer Sacks Parente. Let's get started!

  • Choose the putters you want to test.

    Select up to two (2) putters from our product line below and add them to your cart.

  • Add your payment information.

    We will charge your credit card $30.00 for round trip shipping of the demo putters. A pre-paid UPS Ground label will be included in the box when you receive the putters you have selected. Be sure to save the box for a simple, easy return!

  • Try the putters for 14-days, then return them to us.

    Once your 14-day trial period is completed, simply put the putters back in the box in which you received them, affix the pre-paid UPS Ground label, and return to an
    authorized UPS location.

Payment and Shipping Details

NOTE: In addition to the $30.00 shipping charge, a “deposit hold” equal to the full retail value of the demo putters will be put on your card. The deposit hold (aka “security deposit”) will not be collected unless the demo putters are not returned to us within a 21-day period (providing for up to seven (7) days for return shipment).

NOTE: The pre-paid UPS Ground label must be processed by UPS on or before the fourteenth day from
receipt to avoid collection of the deposit hold / security deposit.

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